Format 245mm x 190mm hardback with jacket

Section sewn; 688 pages

ISBN 9781863967891

RRP- £35.00

This baking materpiece is the follow-up to the bestseller COOK and its companion, KITCHEN. it is the ultimate guide on how to get the best results from your oven. All those best-loved cakes, muffins, biscuits, slices and scones you remember from your childhood are here. Clear instructions and meticulous measurements are what you need when you're baking. Follow these triple-tested recipes to the letter and you'll be launded by your friends and family as a master baker. Chapters include all kinds of cakes - chocolate, butter, sponge, syrup, fruit and cupcakes - biscuits, slices, scones, muffins, pies, tarts, pastries and savoury pies and quiches. As well as fabulous recipes and beautiful photographs, there are special features, each containing 12 photographs, which give you additional information about the deeply satisfying art of baking.


  • introduction
  • filling the tims
  • chocolate cakes
  • butter cakes
  • sponge cakes
  • fruit cakes
  • syrup cakes
  • loaf cakes
  • rich dessert cakes
  • cupcakes
  • kids birthday cakes
  • allergy-free baking
  • biscuits
  • slices
  • muffins
  • scones
  • friands
  • tarts & pastries
  • sweet pies
  • breads & buns
  • cheeescakes
  • desserts
  • christmas baking
  • savoury
  • equipment
  • baking techniques
  • conversion charts
  • glossary
  • index

Price: £35.00

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